Symposium Japan/Finland, TUAT, 26 March

2012 March 26

Three programs joint symposium
“Advanced New Technology Development based on international collaboration between Japan and Finland“

Venue: Elips Building, Koganei campus, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Time: 13:30-17:15

13: 30 Opening remarks
Project Introduction of Japan-Finland International collaboration program by JST

(Chair) Prof. Hidehiro Kamiya, TUAT

13:40 “Advanced CVD synthesis of SWCNTS and thin flim flexible electronics applications”
Esko Kauppinen, Professor, Aalto University, Finland

14:20 “Doping single-walled carbon nanotubes with nitrogen”
Toma Susi, Aalto University, Finland

14:50 “Hydrophobic Tag-assisted Multi-step Solution Phase Peptide Synthesis for Advanced Modifications and Large Scale Production”
Kazuhiro Chiba, Professor, TUAT

15:20 Coffee break

15:40 “Influence of SWCNT bundle characteristics on thin film optoelectronic performance”
Kimmo Mustonen, Aalto University

16:00 “Gas phase synthesis and self assembly of hierarchial polymeric nanoparticles”
Antti Rahikkala, Aalto University

(Chair) Prof. Chisato Miyaura, TUAT

16:20 “Pathophysiological evaluation on mice models for anti-cancer drug developments”
Masaki Inada, Associate Professor, TUAT

16:45 “Atopic dermatitis, how we evaluate this complicated syndrome”
Akane Tanaka, Associate Professor, TUAT

17:10 Closing


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