2013 Kanji Takahashi Award, 高橋幹二賞 (in Aerosol Science & Technology)

2013 Kanji Takahashi Award

2013 Kanji Takahashi Award (from Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology) for a paper:
Measurement of Model Aerosols Containing Two Metal Components Formed via Cooling and Dilution Routes,
Naoya HAMA, Yukie TAKASHIMA, Masao GEN, Mayumi TSUKADA, Hidehiro KAMIYA and I. Wuled LENGGORO
Journal of Aerosol Research, エアロゾル研究, 26, 277-285 (2011).


Hama (濱) was Doctoral student of Lenggoro Lab
Takashima (高島) was Master student of Lenggoro Lab
Gen(玄) was Master student and then doctoral student of Lenggoro Lab
Drs. Tsukada(塚田), Kamiya(神谷), and Lenggoro(レンゴロ) are staff members at our department.



Thermal Fluid Analysis by Numerical simulation

The emission of alkali (“light-metals”) and heavy metals in combustion processes is an important contributor to environmental load. We investigated experimentally in the laboratory the generation of particles from model exhaust gases derived from NaCl and CdCl2. These results may be informative for predicting the phenomena related to gas-to-particle conversion at the exit of stationary emission sources.

For full article/PDF = jstage, Or from: researchgate.net



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