Student got Awards in “Water and Environment Technology Conference”学生の受賞


Water and Environment Technology Conference 2014で

当専修 細見・寺田研究室 修士2年の志村芙美吉野寛之

The WET Excellent Presentation Awardを受賞しました。


Ms. Fumi Shimura and Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshino  (Master students of Hosomi-Terada Lab. in this department) got WET Excellent  Presentation Awards,  in  Water and Environment Technology Conference 2014, held on June 28-29, 2014 in Waseda University.


○Identification of active nitrous oxide reducers in activated sludge by rRNA-based stable isotope probing combined with next-generation sequencing

*Fumi SHIMURA (TUAT), Tomoyuki Hori (AIST), Masaaki HOSOMI (TUAT), Akihiko TERADA (TUAT)


○Performance of excess activated sludge reduction and the resultant microbial community structure by a high pressure jet device

*Hiroyuki YOSHINO (TUAT), Toshikazu SUENAGA (TUAT), Akihiko TERADA (TUAT), Tadahiro FUJII (DPK), Minoru NONOGUCHI (TEPSCO), Masaaki HOSOMI (TUAT)


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