Classes in English for undergraduate (AIMS) students were started, (学部向き)英語での授業が開始

banner_aimsTUAT-AIMS Program: ASEAN Initiative to foster next generation talents to lead environmentally friendly food production, technological innovation and regional planning.

Our department welcomed and will host six bachelor degree students from Malaysia (UTM) and Indonesia (ITB). All classes (in English) were started in this October 2014.


On the other hand, from September, two bachelor students (3rd grade) from our department have been joining classes at UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) for this semester.

Introduction of Departments at TUAT

** 農工大プレスリリース
** 文部科学省, 大学の世界展開力強化事業
** JSPS大学の世界展開力強化事業

※ AIMS (正式名称 : ASEAN International Mobility for Students Programms) : 東南アジア諸国を中心とした政府主導の国際的な学生交流事業です。元々は、2010年にマレーシア・インドネシア・タイの3か国により、「M-I-T学生交流プログラム」として発足しました。現在は、この3か国に加えて、ベトナム、フィリピン、ブルネイが参加し、さらには2013年度には日本も参加することとなっています。 (日本学術振興会HPより抜粋)

5-years Program for Exchanging Bachelor Student.
TUAT: Press Release

New type program
* TUAT bachelor degree students can study for one semester at a university in
Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand to obtain the necessary credits for graduation.
* All courses will be taught in English (Japan side and ASEAN sides)

Between 3 universities (Japan) and 7 universities (Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand)
Between 3 universities (Japan) and 7 universities (Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand) (Image from


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