Topic【ナノ材料】 四塩化ケイ素からシリコンワイヤーの成長, Growth of silicon wires from SiCl4

** 四塩化珪素は多結晶シリコンの製造工程で発生する「廃棄物」です。

詳しくはJournal of Crystal Growth (2015)をご覧ください。


Prof. Inasawa made the in-situ observation of the growth of individual silicon wires in the zinc reduction of SiCl4. Through this research, they obtained some fundamental data of VLS (vapor–liquid–solid) growth. Although there have been many studies on silicon wire growth, hardly any kinetic data have been reported even for wire growth. This research is thus valuable and necessary in future development of nanomaterials.
** SiCl4 is a byproduct (“waste”) from the process for making poly-crystalline silicon.

For further reading: Journal of Crystal Growth, 2015


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