Topic【高分子プロセス】静電粉粒化と沈降重合でビーズ状のゲル Hydrogel beads by polymerization & electrostatic spray


詳しくは、Polymer Bulletinをご覧ください。

tokuyama picture 01 tokuyama picture 02

Tokuyama Lab (collaborated with Lenggoro Lab) developed a novel production method of hydrogel beads (model material: N-isopropylacrylamide). Using the droplet of the free radical polymerization which the droplet of “pre-gel” forms at the time of a fall; It is possible by pouring silicone oil through a nozzle with an application of the high voltage to “pre-gel” solution. The size of the droplet to dispense from the tip of the nozzle and the size of hydrogel beads were in the same order. In the future (scaling up, etc.), production of hydrogel beads is enabled without doing much attention for the reaction of gel and separation process.

For further reading: Polymer Bulletin

東京農工大学・化学システム工学科からの研究:Research Topics from TUAT Chemical Engineering


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