Topic 【バイオ燃料】高機能化触媒による植物油の水素化: Functional catalysts for vegetable oil

Isomerization of n-alkanes derived from jatropha oil over bifunctional catalysts


詳しくはJournal of Molecular Catalysis Aをご覧ください。


Hydrotreatment of vegetable oils to produce “greener products” has attracted great attention as an excellent route to producing renewable transport fuels. Sen research group designed and prepared catalysts containing solid acid supports (oxides) and also various active metals (Pd, Ni, Ru and Pt). The catalysts were characterized and then tested for hydroconversion of hydrodeoxygenated jatropha oil. High conversions and high yields of iso-C10–18 products were achieved under suitable conditions.

For further reading:Journal of Molecular Catalysis A

東京農工大学・化学システム工学科からの研究トピックス: Research topic from TUAT Chemical Engineering


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