Topic【気/固の界面】表面の親水性レベルと気中からの微粒子の沈着挙動との関係。Particles from gas-phase go to hydrophilic sites


詳しくは、Journal of Aerosol Scienceをご覧ください。

Schematic diagrams showing the mechanism of particle deposition on the treated (T) and untreated (UT) substrates in the (a) presence and (b) absence of a dryer system based on silica gel beads

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Wuled Lenggoro Group has investigated the effect of the hydrophilicity of a metallic substrate on the deposition behavior of charged particulates (aerosols) derived from spraying droplets. They found that using a single substrate with different hydrophilic levels (sites) as deposition targets, more particles were deposited on the site with higher hydrophilicity than on that of the lower one. This research is useful to design a surface to capture/immobilize the particles (PM2.5, etc.) suspended in the gas phase efficiently.

For further reading: Journal of Aerosol Science

Research topic from TUAT Chemical Engineering


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