Topic【温室効果ガス】新規非生物反応が亜酸化窒素の産生を増加させる…Novel abiotic reactions increase nitrous oxide production


詳しくはChemical Engineering Journalをご覧ください。第一著者は、米国空軍工科大学からの客員研究者。


Hosomi-Terada research group newly developed N2O model incorporating abiotic hybrid reaction. This research analyzed batch data taken during partial nitrification to retrieve the parameters needed to model abiotic N2O production due to reactions between hydroxylamine and nitrite occurring at circum-neutral pH. Analysis of batch data showed that the rates of abiotic N2O generation were significantly higher than the biological contribution, and that the relative contribution from abiotic processes increased as the hydroxylamine concentration decreased. The developed model is expected to significantly improve N2O emissions estimates from partial nitrification systems in which nitrite is forced to accumulate.

For further reading : Chemical Engineering Journal. The first author is a visiting scholar from Air Force Institute of Technology (USA)

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