Topic【液体燃料用】Ni–Mo系触媒におけるステアリン酸メチルの脱酸素化の促進..Role of support in deoxygenation of methyl stearate over Ni–Mo catalysts



詳しくは、Journal of Molecular Catalysis Aをご覧ください。

Reaction pathways for the isomerization of long chain paraffin over NiMo:SAPO-11 and NiMo:AlSBA-15 catalysts

Qian Research Group has investigated the effects of acidity and pore structure of SAPO-11 and AlSBA-15 during the deoxygenation and isomerization behavior of methyl stearate. They found that AlSBA-15 had a large specific surface area that contained more acidic sites inside of its channels, promoting the formation of cracking products. While they also found that SAPO-11 had a moderate acidity and a suitable pore size, imparting superior mono-branched isomers selectivity and minimal cracking activity to the corresponding catalyst.

Recently, much attention has been focused on producing green fuels or chemicals from triglycerides which are the main components of biodiesel fuel oil, so reduction of oxygen in triglycerides is required. This research is useful for studies and development of the catalysts which promote deoxygenation and isomerization processes.

For further reading: Journal of Molecular Catalysis A

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