Topic【水処理】活性汚泥を減少させる方法. Method to decrease activated sludge.


当学科から高圧噴射装置 (HPJD)を用いた微生物細胞の破壊と不溶性有機化合物の放出に関する論文が発表されました(Biochem. Eng. J.)。HPJDを用いた微生物細胞や有機化合物に対する処理は、活性汚泥を減少させる方法として注目されています。
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We reported (Biochem. Eng. J.the performance of a high-pressure jet device (HPJD) that destroys bacterial cells and releases dissolved organic matter (DOM). HPJD treatment attracts attention as a method to decrease activated sludge. Specifically, they investigate the effects of pressure, repeated batch treatment, and injection ratio on the disintegration of Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtillis cells. In addition, tryptophan- and tryrosine – that are amino acids were released from E. coli and B. subtilis cells.

This study contributes to the use of more effective activated sludge at water purification plant.

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