Topic【気/固の界面】表面の親水性レベルと気中からの微粒子の沈着挙動との関係。Particles from gas-phase go to hydrophilic sites


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Schematic diagrams showing the mechanism of particle deposition on the treated (T) and untreated (UT) substrates in the (a) presence and (b) absence of a dryer system based on silica gel beads

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アジア・エアロゾル会議で最優秀ポスター発表賞: Asian Aerosol Conference: Best Poster Award

poster Kusdianto
2015/6: Best Poster Award at 9th Asian Aerosol Conference (第9回アジアエアロゾル会議)最優秀ポスター発表賞

Insertion of colloidal particles in the pores of a honeycomb structure via an aerosol route…気中に分散した液中微粒子のハニカム型多孔質体細孔内への沈着 (Kusdianto, Gen, Tsukada, Lenggoro)


2013 Kanji Takahashi Award, 高橋幹二賞 (in Aerosol Science & Technology)

2013 Kanji Takahashi Award

2013 Kanji Takahashi Award (from Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology) for a paper:
Measurement of Model Aerosols Containing Two Metal Components Formed via Cooling and Dilution Routes,
Naoya HAMA, Yukie TAKASHIMA, Masao GEN, Mayumi TSUKADA, Hidehiro KAMIYA and I. Wuled LENGGORO
Journal of Aerosol Research, エアロゾル研究, 26, 277-285 (2011).

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